Boyo Reverse Camera

Reverse Cameras and Sensors

Reversing your car or truck can be challenging and there is always a risk of backing into something. Installing a reverse camera or sensor can help reduce the risk of these types of accidents by letting you know if something is behind you. A reverse camera has the additional benefit of allowing you to see things behind your vehicle that might be too short for you to see by simply looking out your rear window.

Reverse cameras are small video cameras mounted on the back of your vehicle allowing you to see what's behind the vehicle when it's in reverse. The image from the camera is displayed on a video monitor on your dashboard.

Parking sensors are mounted on the bumper of your vehicle. The sensors detect objects nearby and produce an audible beeping inside the vehicle. The beeping increases as the bumper moves closer to an object. While not as informative as a camera, sensors still provide enhanced safety at reasonable cost.

Security and Sound features a variety of cameras including the popular license plate frame cameras by Boyo. We also carry a number of different dashboard and rear-view mirror monitors. Our expert staff will be happy to explain the different options and make sure the equipment is installed properly. Visit Security and Sound today for more information.